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1. (noun) a Russian word, use somewhat disparagingly, to refer to a female; akin in meaning to the English slang term "chick" but with an added connotation of referring to a fat chick; literally means cow in Russian.

2. (noun)a Russian girl employed in public auditing, who gets hit on during all hours of the day, loves to dance, hates to sing, and has a predisposition to pouting and making sound effects. Tyolkas must be fed regularly and frequently in order to avoid the outbreak of global thermonuclear war.

3. (verb) to act in accordance of the description given in definition 2 above.
1. The reason your mom's a tyolka is that she thinks lard is a food group.

2. By delaying lunchtime by one hour, I have guaranteed that Tyolka will kill me in a slow and painful manner.

3. By the end of the audit, I was saying "Hmph!" so often, I thought I was bustin' a tyolka!
by J-Boogie May 05, 2005
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