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A girl with many insecurities. She likes to hide her problems behind her smile. She is also a people pleasure she likes to help people with their problems before she deals with her own even if hers is much worse. Tylesha is very pretty but doesn't know it. She likes the attention. Sometimes Tylesha falls to easily for guys for no reason at all. She always wonders if a guy likes her but knows no one does. She can keep the darkest most deepest secrets and never tell anyone what it is. She likes to be active and not to be left out. Tylesha's hates it when people bring her down. She acts all tuff in front of people but inside she is terrified. She also likes to make people laugh. she cries in the shower and when everyone is asleep so she knows no one knows how she truly feels inside.
by Tylie Silva October 25, 2013
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