An elite group of fags on twitter who are the most obnoxious and judgemental people you will ever meet.
You only tweeted that to impress the bloody twitter gays.
by Twitter_Gay January 10, 2017
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Gay Twitter is a collection of gays that are thirsty as hell. They are all white with beards or stubble and think they’re celebrities because they have 2K plus followers.

They will post a provocative selfie with an insecure caption, such as ‘I hate how pale I am’ - resulting in hordes of fellow gays to provide the attention needed ‘omg you’re so sexy’

They have basic taste in music & their most used gif is from RuPauls Drag Race.

They usually own a cat and also use the cat to post thirst trap selfies again (must be showing their body in the pic) the cat is a mere accessory for their narcissism.
It’s a Sunday which means Anthony and Shane will be hungover, in bed, telling Gay Twitter they have the hangover horn, Anthony tweets “someone bring me a McDonald’s breakfast” with a selfie half naked.
by Tired of you January 14, 2020
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A cess pool filled with twitter gays. This is the place you'd go to get your self-esteem and body image destroyed. Elitism and superficiality is at the pinnacle of the culture of gay twitter.
Josh blasted his half naked ass on gay twitter complaining about his body to make himself more relatable for likes and retweets.
by EMPHdk October 20, 2018
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