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the greatest internet social experiment in the last decade, no wait, the greatest internet social experiment of all time. one game of pokemon red, played by 80,000+ people at a time. anarchy rulez. heros in this quest include: bird jesus (pigeot) and the great helix fossil. down with the false prophet (flareon) and his master the dome fossil, along with all those that side with democracy.
joe: what are you watching bro?
drew: dude, twitch plays pokemon. i haven't stopped watching since charmeleon was released.
joe: dude, that was 4 days ago.
by nicrage February 21, 2014
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A live stream that consists of thousands of people playing a single game of Pokemon by typing commands into their computer and/or mobile device. Despite the utter chaos created progress is still made. Very slowly of course ,but it's still progress.
"So, did you like twitchplayspokemon?" "I don't know I must consult the helix"
by Mr.k February 26, 2014
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