the anxiety (stress, sadness, annoyance, jealousy or anger) felt from having a twin. This usually comes from the feelings of being compared to your twin or that everyone likes your twin better. Identical twins have it even worse, as half the time people mix the two of them up! Other times it's just that one phrase that can really set off twin anxiety: "Hey, what's it like to be a twin?! Isn't it soo cool to be a twin??"
Bob- "Kylie what's it like to be a twin?"
Kylie (one who has a twin)- "HOW WOULD I KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO NOT BE A TWIN?!"
Bob- .... You must have twin anxiety!

Riley- "Why so down, dude?"
Roger- "I'm so sick of having a twin, he follows me everywhere man... People can't even tell us apart. I definitely have a bad case of twin anxiety. "
Riley- "Sucks, dude."
by hotpinkrunningshoes August 25, 2011