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A skeezer who is addicted to twerkin, especially while drunk! Usually a slutty ass ho who has gotten laid by 7 guys at the same time before entering middle school. These little skanks are usually found at school dances in the middle of the room where people can see them. You should avoid sex with twerkoholics because they usually have more STD's than all the petri dishes in a laboratory.
Uggggh look at Tiffany grindin her little ass on George's dick. She thinks she's sexy but it looks like George is having buttsex with a fishing pole. Why does that scrawny bitch think she can just do that.

Aw Hellllllllll naw! I know I di'int jus see Law-kuee-shah shakin' her fatass in the middle of the gym. That ho think she be hot as fuck, but she ain't shit! I'm about ta smack a bitch.

Those ratchet ass girls in Mr. Ghetto's Walmart video were twerkoholics, b/c they were bouncing they asscheeks all over the whole motherfuckin store. They thought it was sexy to make their ass look like it was having a seizure in public, but no, it just made them look stupid.
by trajayjay May 17, 2013
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