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A rare species of a beetle which is found in East Doodleland off the coast of Greenland. It eats penguin fetuses and they often perform complicated mating ritual where two male rivals fight each other to the death by using paddles in puddles, in bottles, on a poodle, eating noodles. It was discovered by the famous explorer Bob Ross DCCCXC. This great discovery was portrayed in Dr. Seuss' renowned book "Fox in Sox". A great expedition to find this species was attempted in 1863 to find the Tweetle Beetle again, but was promptly failed due to weather conditions, mealstorms, and the lacking of the geographical maps that portray Doodleland. Because of this, many people believe that the Tweetle Beetle is just a myth made up by sailors.
Despite the popular belief, scientific evidence proves that Tweetle Beetles do exist. Thank you all for spending your time of this quite pointless endeavor.
by QuestionBear August 18, 2017
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