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A person who meets one or more of the following qualifications:

a) Insufferably annoying person whose personality is more like a terdsicle but whose actions scream twatwaffle and make you want to punch them in the chest. Or nipple area.

b) an individual who resembles a chipmunk and behaves in an extremely socially awkward way; or

c) someone prone to posting faux-modelesque pictures on social media sites, usually posing with a stuffed toy, dorm furniture or a cell-phone-in-the-mirror shot.
Angie is SUCH a twatterdnipplewaffle, she insists on re-tweeting everything I post on facebook with the words "lolz" next to it.


Did you see the latest picture Angie posted on her "modeling" website? The one with the picture of her looking like a chipmunk with her favorite eeyore toy? What a twatterdnipplewaffle.
by The Trojan Horsie January 17, 2012
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