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A combination of awesome people who are in the livejournal communities rpattz_trufax and ontd_twatlight. These communities were a result of all the EPIC twilight posts on ONTD. Most of these individuals were fairly normal until RPattz dazzled them into reading three crappy books. Now they will never be the same. Sparkly objects distract them easily, they laugh at all things involving bacon, they enjoy reading about people cooking themselves, will photoshop Rpattz on to anything, they go to war with twilight moms, they will cut your brakes for love, they have a sudden love for Phil Collins, and have been known to drop everything and run as soon as they recieve the beacon which is know affectionately called the bacon.

It has been rumored that Robert Pattinson will only have sex with twatfax girls.
Twatfaxer:(sees someone holding a rainbow umbrella) IT'S NOT EVEN FUCKING RAINING!
by rpattz May 23, 2008
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