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This is just a crew that goes around yahoo chat that think that they are bad ass on the computers! They don't really know shit about computers nor programs that they say the write and they really dont! They go to other peoples websites and steal it off of there pages. They are just a bunch of lamers that are high school drop outs and they dont know shit! They all fuck each other in the asses and they love each other! They say they are going to hack your shit and they can barely even turn on there computers! Let alone open up a website! They are just a bunch of nobody's that like to talk shit and they cant even back up what they say! They sit around and talk about killing each other or scewing dead people! They are just a bunch of sick people! So if you see them in Oklahoma chat mouth them and call them a bunch of sick bastards!
Who in the hell would want to be with the tw1st3d_s0uls crew? They are a bunch of wannabies! They dont know shit! They cant teach you shit! They are a bunch of losers that get onto chat and think that they are a bunch of gods!
by ms.bitch June 07, 2009
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tw1st3d_s0uls by definition are a group of people with the same screen name. nothing more, nothing less. they claim to be hackers, programers,booters, and more. their fearless leader johnny storm is a washed up lame ass fucktard. he and his faithful band of crewbie lamers are nothing more then common nerds. whom live in trailer parks or their grandmothers basements. they rule over yahoo chat room "romance ,by location, oklahoma:4. in yahoo chat where they are bullies and gods to them selfs alone, but in the real world "junkies and posers". please feel free to stop by oklahoma:4 and let them know how l33t they really are.
twistedsouls, tw1sted_souls, tw1st3d_s0uls
by bot_fcker June 07, 2009
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