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A high school that is flooded with drama and teenage pregnancy. Everyone there seems to think of themselves as some gangster drug dealer. It sits in the middle of "Hicksville", otherwise known as Saxton, PA. Around every corner you will find two rednecks having a pissing contest or chewing tobacco. It's also the home of the Titans, known for football even though they do/did awfully, thanks to a bald dickheaded former coach who hasn't been laid in some odd 10 years. The Titans may have a chance at redeeming themselves with him taken off but who knows. PS: It seems every other week there's a bomb or shooting threat, fuck.
Person 1: "Yo, you hear about that threat the other day?"
Person 2: "Yeah, must be Tussey Mountain."
by 5 Seconds of Swinter May 13, 2018
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