Really, really, needing to take a shit. Similar to turtling.
Man, those tacos took me straight to turtle bay. I'm about to cack my slacks!
by brardin July 4, 2014
A turtle bay boy is a Justin Beiber/ talk dark and Hanson type boy, will wear jeans and a nice shirt out or a fleece top and probably enjoys playing golf and will always send emojis in a message like a year 8.

Radiates major fuck boy vibes though but gets away with it by having a cute smile
“He’s so cute I wanna get his number”
“Careful with him...proper turtle bay boy vibes
by Etrap July 26, 2020
The art of sticking your penis in the arse of a female.
Guy 1: Did you pull last night?
Guy 2: Yes mate, she was filth!
Guy 1: Did she let you park your boat in turtle bay?
Guy 2: I didn't give her a choice!
by Rob Philpot April 17, 2013