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When you are told that an item is "on the house", and then you are surprised to discover that the item is in fact on your bill.
Ex 1. you are offered a complimentary salad, app or drink and then see that item on the bill...and it costs a shit load. ah the turkish surprise

Ex 2. your friend infers that he/she is going to buy you a gift and in fact leaves you holding the bag

Peter: "Erin, what's your favorite color?"
Erin: "Purple"
Peter commences to select a purple wreath of flowers for Erin and stands idly by as she is forced to pay for them
Erin: Is this a turkish surprise?

Ex 3. You take someone home at night and he/she won't leave unless you pay them $300. Rare but still a turkish surprise
by Surprise Surprise July 28, 2014
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