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1. (adjective) to be unable or unequipped to handle a situation of temptation due to animalistic tendency, much like a dog's instinct to attack turkeys in his dog house

2. to be in the presence of one whom cannot control his actions related to sex, food, addiction or anger
1. Person 1: "Dude! So whack; how could he cheat on her at that sorority party?"
Person 2: "Oh come on, you know they're all babes; turkeys in a doghouse."

2. Person 1: "You can't to his house alone!"
Person 2: "Why not?"
Person 1: "He'll totally take advantage of you! Turkeys in a doghouse..."

3. Person 1: "Why do you relapse?"
Person 2: "I was at a Miley concert with all my dealers! Turkeys in a doghouse!!"
by ShanfullyGracious September 26, 2009
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