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A game played involving one female and a minimum of two males (more male participants are encouraged for handicapping purposes)and a large turkey baster. Each male is required to ejaculate into a community bowl. Upon the successful containment of the participants' semen, one preselected male uses the turkey baster to suck up a generous portion of the combined semen. The turkey baster operator then inserts the 'business end' of the turkey baster into the female's vagina and pumps out the collected jizz. Nine months later, if a baby is born, a paternity test will reveal the father. If any of the participants are proven to be the father of the child, they lose.
Why does my wife keep so many turkey basters in the house? She doesn't even cook. She keeps telling me the basters are for turkey baster roulette.
by jb3ar November 07, 2007
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