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one who is acting spontaneously silly; an endearing term meant for friends, family, companion animals; one who does something, not harmful and not necessarily on purpose, which elicits laughter ... such as a "trip" of their own tongue or foot; a term for oneself amidst an unfavorable, not deliberate, and somewhat unconscious or "brainless" action ... such as spilling your latte on your work suit, mistakingly tracking mud indoor on white carpet, calling someone by the wrong name — oops!
My two cuddly kitties were definite turdspanks the day they napped within an indoor potted plant, dirt strewn on the floor. They appeared so cute, peacefully purring among the leafy green leaves — some of which needed assistance to grow upward again. No sense in getting upset over such an innocent action. Laugh and enjoy life! Later a vacuum sucked up the misplaced soil, and some thin wire fencing protected the plant and convinced these furry kids to nap elsewhere.
by Kiantha Shadduck July 24, 2011
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