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noun: A turd scavenged for the express intent to be consumed as food.

verb: I am turd scavenging for pieces of corn because I'm so very goddamn hungry and those darn baptists from Idaho have sold my food-children into prostitution.
You can probably survive quite well on less than 500 calories a day by turd scavenging. Pretend you're in a war torn banana republic where the government is so corrupt and out of control that there's no food to be had. Actually, that's not such a stretch even where you live. Pretend you're in a country that was already impoverished and got struck by an earthquake, and the last thing available to you to eat, your children, got kidnapped by Christians from Idaho (home of Larry "I Am Not Gay" Craig) for sale on the child sex market and now you have nothing to eat but what you can scavenge from other people's turds, like little pieces of corn, etc.
by flex89 February 08, 2010
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