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When a man is in a state of shock,depression,anxiety and his only answer to this feeling is drinking several pints of beer and in this piss drunk state, he executes a finishing move which makes him achieve the legendary status of a 'turd warrior'.

the finisher is as follows; he takes out his cell phone and dials a friend's number and starts whinging like a silly schoolgirl, while he's on the phone, slides down his pants in the middle of the road, under a pale moonlight and shrieks like a toothless hyena while taking a dump standing with bits of turd flying everywhere. finaly when the deed is done, this creature hangs up the phone and proceeds to walk home as though nothing had ever happened, carrying a faint smile in his face.
father saying this to a shocked son who witnessed this horror;

man oh man, that right there son is called 'sad max the turd warrior'.


hot damn muhfucka look at dat turd dont see this shizzit everyday ma nigga.
by BastionBooger619 February 08, 2011
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