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Turbolyfe describes the lifestyle of an automotive enthusiast, specifically fans of tuned imports that run turbochargers, who feels that personification of his/her vehicle allows them to act like a tool.

Turbolyfe can best be exemplified by the early Fast & Furious movies along with the common D-bags of the early 2000's who had frosted tips, unbuttoned Hawaiian shirts with a wife beater, and frequently wore backwards/upside down visors. In an effort to remain relevant they have deployed the hashtag #turbolyfe for their social media accounts.
I might not be at the track anymore but I live the #turbolyfe 36/10.5. What's 36/10.5 you ask? The #turbolyfe fits more of everything in the same volume as NA-losers, so at 7psi of #turbolyfe my 24/7 is actually 36/10.5 be-atch.

I'm headed into the office which sounds lame but I'm going to get spun up and blow hot air at everyone. #turbolyfe

Everyone can tell I live the #turbolyfe from my constant whining and frequent loud exhaust explosions out of my waste gate.

A sweet turbo car has sick rimz and sweet graphix to let people know you mean business, but just driving ends when you leave it in the parking lot and you need to bring this same attitude with you everywhere if you want to live the #turbolyfe. My frosted tipz show people not to mess with me and my shells say I'm so fast I can just chill out at any time...that's living #turbolyfe

Why is my shirt always unbuttoned? Do you know how hard the wind blows when you're always at full throttle and holding the waste gate closed? Yeah, I didn't think so. #turbolyfe

Visors are the perfect headgear for living #turbolyfe. Whether I need it splitting the air in front or providing downforce at the rear a visor is there to keep me in control even though I'm extreme 36/10.5. #tuebolyfe
by Turbolyfe June 15, 2017
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