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In the MMORPG Runescape, it is a members only food created via the cooking skill with a minimum level of 68.

The requred ingredients to create the Tuna Potatoe are:
-a Potatoe (can be baked as well)
-a bucket of milk (or pot of cream/Pat of butter)
-a tuna (can be raw)
-and sweetcorn (can be cooked Sweetcorn).

The process for creating the Tuna Potatoe upon gathering all of the listed Ingredients goes as follows:
1. (if you have the baked potatoe skip this step.) cook the raw potatoe on a range, granting you 15 cooking experience, and providing you with a baked potatoe.
2. (if you have "pat of butter" skip this step.) using the milk or cream, churn the milk/pot of cream into a pat of butter. (this grants you 40.5 cooking experience, or 20 experience if using the cream.)
3. Use the butter on the potatoe to make the baked potatoe. (Granting you 40 experience in cooking.)
4. (if you have a cooked tuna, skip this step.) Cook the raw tuna on a fire, or a range in order to have a cooked tuna, or just "Tuna." (succesfully cooking this will grant you 100 experience.)
5. (if you have Cooked sweetcorn, skip this step.) Cook an ear of sweetcorn on a range to make cooked sweetcorn (grants 104 experience).
6. using a knife, use a bowl or the knife on the cooked tuna to produce a bowl of chopped tuna.
7. Use the bowl of tuna on the sweetcorn, resulting in a bowl of tuna and corn.
8. Use the tuna and corn topping on the potato with butter to make a tuna potato .
I needed some food to Train My defense, I think i will get some tuna potatoe's.
by Syrup11 June 13, 2017
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