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When you take a dunce hat and you stick it in a woman's vagina, resembling a funnel. Then, you pour in gravy and minced canned cat food and a half cup of milk. Then, leave the funnel in her vagina and go out to your local fishing spot and catch five or six fillet-sized bluegill. Next, go back to the funnel-vagina, whip out a blender, put the bluegill in the blender and blend until there is bluegill gravy. Then you pour the bluegill gravy into the funnel. Make sure all of the liquids have left the funnel into the vaginal cavity and remove the funnel. Let the mixture ferment for three hours. Next, you start to fuck her by sliding your penis in and out so when the penis come out, it makes a sticky sensation and the liquid drips off like saliva off of one's chin. Do this repeatedly until one achieves an orgasm and then stick your nose into her vagina and the smell should smell like tuna casserole.
My friend Larry and his girlfriend just did a tuna castle roll and the whole house reeks.
by wwefan5220000 March 23, 2011
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