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(n) (sl) - Term referring to an actual scarab insect known as the Dung Beetle. This creature is native to many parts of the world, including Egypt, Africa, and South America... but it is also known to inhabit the Southern Regions of the eastern United States. The insect rolls wads of feces into a near-perfect ball, and lays its eggs inside the turd-roll, so that they may feed on the fecal matter as they develop.

In the south, this term is also often applied to refer to a contemptible person, or mischievous youngster.
While I was in Mississippi, I saw a Tumbleturd rolling dog poop down Bourbon St.

Hey! What are you Tumbleturds doing over there at that vacant house?! Don't make me call the cops!

I used to think Bob was a good guy, but lately, he has proven to be quite the tumbleturd.
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by Haywood Jablomy 2 April 22, 2018
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