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Tuda is a very cool person , the name usually stands for a girl. She can be mean and cool sometimes , she dress good and look good. If you show her that you care for her she will care for you in return and be affectionate. Tuda is the type of girl who doesn't need friends because she have a lot of family to be her friend and also she doesn't need anyone but her Ole girl and other family members to like her siblings. Also she makes good grades in school, she might act stupid but she's very intelligent and sometimes she can get very angry to the point where she screams and hollor and tries to beat everyone that gets in her way.
Tuda is a very cool person I would like to hang around someone by the name of Tuda one day. If you know someone by the name of Tuda you are very lucky.
by Niya___ July 06, 2018
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