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A skinny stiqq that overachieves in all aspects of life (including music, academics, and athletics). Tsachs typically have ZERO social life and a tendency to wear puffy jackets that cover his hourglass figure. Girls go wild for him, however he rejects all the THOTs. His true passion in life is the extermination of THOTs and their offspring.
Sophia - "OMG HI TsAch!!!1!!!11"
Tsach - "BEGONE THOT!"
Sophia -"AHHHHHHH"
Tsach - "My work here is done."
JtheB - "wow tsach, ur so cool. what a stiqq"
Irene - "I got a 97%. Sophia would be proud"
Sophia in the after life - "OMG ROFL Thats so badddd lol"
by ickynicky69 June 04, 2018
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