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A person who spends all their time and effort trying to look cool and to be accepted by their peers, but they always end up looking hugely stupid.

.. or simply, a cross between a try-hard and a tard.
Ex 1: "Man, I got put into a class with the new chick. She copies everyone, talks really loudly and thinks that all the guys flirt with her. She's such a try-tard."

Ex 2: "You should have seen Mike at the party. He acted like a stooge and his little posse of try-tards all followed his lead."
by Question? July 15, 2009
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A person who acts a like a tryhard on a video game, but is bad at the video game.
Marcus: Hey Dom, did you see Mike Tyson try to play his video game?
Dom: Yeah, he was a total Trytard.
by lovinmcasshole July 01, 2011
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a loser, a joke, a talentless loser with no skill who thinks that he/she is good at video games because they use glitches, rpgs, bst, or special weapons, jets, off the radar, ghost, etc. and to top it all off they spell like a retard doing a spelling bee.
person 1: that trytard is trash
person 2: I know right? and they sent me a message hold on I'll read it to you
person 1: ok
person 2: alright they said "u r trah kud Lzzzzz."
person 1: wtf? is a lzzzz? that dude sounds like he takes the short bus to school..
person 2: yeah and he probably eats his homework too
person 1: 😂😂
by politicallyincorrect7190 February 01, 2019
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