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attempt to raise the level of some of the more uplifting and elevating of human experience/ and drugs definitely come under this category.

getting off the ground, back in the early days of aviation and 'breaking the bonds of gravity', was a much-sought after activity. in later aviation, much greater heights were sought! i.e. stratosphere, e.t.c. -no need for MISERABLE sex or drug experiences, when one can truly BLAST OFF!! (hint to the ladies! re; the female experience!!)
guy! try for the sky? (guy:) nah, godda pee in a fucking cup!!

i suckled him, till his eyes rolled back; but he'll never try for the sky with me!, i will find another "piece of meat"

the 'dirt boo' i bought, made feeble my try for the sky!!
by michael foolsley November 01, 2011
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