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in short: a woman (or man) who takes of her clothes for money.

in long:It is true that a signifigant number of stripers are drug addicts or single mothers who can't make ends meet. However they are not true strippers. A true stripper is a woman with a luminous personality and jaw-dropping looks, because of this men all around them ( pretty much foir their whole lives) have wanted to be with them. so , they use this as a perfectly legal way to make money. activist types who claim that this is demeaning to women are both wrong and hypocrites. they are wrong because a stripper can make sixty dollars in five minutes from lap dances, I mean how is that demeaning? i'd do that if I could. and they are hypocrites because they are usually butch dikes who are butt ugly and could never be a stripper them selfes(but deep down want to)
wow the dance given to me by vanessa was amazing. she looks great, smells great and is fun to talk to. she is a true stripper.
by godswill November 21, 2007
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