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First off this is just a "label" for a being a decent human being. The whole "straight edge" label is fucking stupid. You should not have to label anyone who has pride and self-respect and a set of morals, especially in a now-poser "trend." I will never get it, being a decent fucking person and living by a set of "codes" for yourself and being respectful puts you under a stupid movement. Yes I do follow some of the "rules" that they follow. And yes I do believe in not drinking or smoking or drugs or casual sex or any of that bullshit to have fun and "fit in." I do not even believe some in some of the "rules" they do. I eat all the fucking meat I want. I have a beer once in a blue moon. I have sex with the person I love all the time. I AM NOT A FUCKING STATISTIC LABELED TRENDY POSER. I am a decent human being who has a set of morals and has self-respect and pride for being and I AM SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF HAVING A STUPID FUCKING LABEL SLAPPED ON MY FOREHEAD FOR WHAT I BELIEVE. I stand up for what I believe in and this is one of my beliefs. You do not have to follow some stupid shit movement on people who labels themselves to "fit in" and they do not even truly believe in being decent they just want to be a trendy fucking asshole and fit in to a crowd that is considered "political."
Straight Edges are among the other bullshit and worthless movements that go alone with hippies, vegans, enviromentalists, *insert race here* pride/power, and so on. People who live to impress others are fucking idiots.
This true Straight Edge definition is a way for me to express my anger and the way I feel. I will never start a stupid movement because I do not believe in being labeled and being a "true straight edge" is for yourself and only for yourself. I am who the fuck I am and I choose to be decent. So all you fucking shitheads with your stupid bullshit political labels can stick them up your ass. Im so sick of how society labels everything and how it boils down to politicians. I am who I am and I choose to have self-respect and pride of living and I do what I believe in. So all you so called "straight edges" can stop the bullshit and if you so called have to give yourself a label to live by a set of codes you probably have no respect to begin with.
by Dave G. October 31, 2005
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