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One who begins to act straight edge for fashion, rather than physical or emotional health. Usually poseur straight edges can be identified by being 13-15, ages when most have no choice but to be straight edge, but few choose to flaunt it. Pen-drawn X's on the back of the hands are one of the only things that is similar between a real straight edge and a poseur straight edge. Poseur straight edges are essentially whatever clic the individual was before they found that marker, plus two black x's. These kids usually are not part of the hardcore scene in itself, but try to salvage their integrity by listening to watered-down, cookie cutter hardcore music.
Ernest: Hey! That kid looks hardcore straightedge! Oh wait! He is wearing dickies shorts and 130 dollar skater shoes and he has blonde hair! Whoops!
by 6:47 AM May 31, 2005
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