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Woman use it to create rapport, men will avoid it even at the risk of their status. Basically, drama, squabbling, quarreling, death "threats," blackmailing, gossiping, etc, whether it be in person, in public or in private, on the phone, over social media or text, even Snapchat, etc.
Wife: "You're a piece of shit, screw you."
Husband: "Okay."
Ten minutes later:
"You fucking CUNT BITCH, I will have you deported to fucking Vietnam."
Wife: "Oh, good, maybe then I could find a real man, even they aren't as tiny as you, jerk."
Husband: "I just measured all 8 1/4 inches of it after watching excellent Asian anal porn. If you weren't so god damn ugly, you wouldn't have a tiny problem."
Wife: "Asian Anal??? I always knew you were gay :)"
Husband: "Well that's been enough trouble talk for one day, will return in 10+ hours, going to fucking sleep, have fun at your mom's."
by Serval.Sychotic! December 03, 2014
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