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1) The opposite of a fanbot, except unlike fanbots, trollbots have often not even experienced the game or service in question, they just automatically adopt an intensely negative position based on personal bias and ignorance.

2) Someone who hangs around game forums posting unimaginative negative disinformation or flamebait that is not backed up by evidence or experience.
"this game is a scam"
"stfu trollbot"
by wowwhatacunningstunt2 July 24, 2009
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A paid online actor who dispells false propaganda, ad hominem attacks , or changes the subject as a distraction during online discussion usually in regards to politics or current events
Don: What's going on with my Twitter account - all these crazy posts ! ?

Kelly ann : Wow. Okay... It looks like that troll bot is hard at work today.
by tjamnz March 25, 2019
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