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A group or mob of Castro Valley High School Students, who pile into the gym to watch a sporting event usually a basketball game and for the entire game the trojan den yells offensive, rude and funny remarks at opposing players and fans. "The den" supports their basketball team at every game and its worked, as the CVHS basketball team has had excellent seasons since the group has been started in the 06-07 CVHS basketball season. Most of the fans in the den are a bunch of assholes and pricks who love being assholes, its a great time.
Did you see the game against foothill last night?... "No what happened?" Foothill's pointguard #24 was gettin abused by the trojan den all game long, he was goin cry. "Yes! The Trojan Den is the only thing I like about our school."
by Justin "ss" December 03, 2008
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