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French for Three Rivers. One of the continent's oldest city. Halfway between Quebec City and Montreal. Famous for its Grand Prix, and some other shit...
Also known as TRCity
I ate a poutine at Trois-Rivières' Stratos Pizzeria and puked all night!
by Maafaka December 23, 2003
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Trois-Rivieres (Also known as: 3R, TroisR, V3R, 3DICK) is a city located mid way between Montreal and Quebec City, in the Quebec Province of Canada. It is the second oldest city in Canada, founded in 1634.

Trois-Rivieres translates in English to "Three-Rivers".

-Heavy suicide rates;
-Pretentious people;
-High drug consumption;
-Weak police officers;
-An overcrowded very low quality nightlife and club scene;
-Women play extremely hard to get (compared to: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal);
-Very poorly maintained infrastructure;
-Very bad quality tap water;
-Located near a nuclear power-plant;
-Has a University (UQTR) and a CEGEP (CEGEP de Trois-Rivieres);
-Has many places to buy poutine;
-Has an overcrowded and one of the smallest Costco in Canada;
-Has a small sized Staples Buisness Depot even though it's one of the most profitable ones in Canada;
-Has a very large hovercraft base to maintain the St-Lawrence River for all Canadians;
-Has a very small airport;
-Has a high proportion of poor people;
-A very high-quality home in Trois-Rivieres costs 200 000$.

People who travel from Montreal to Quebec on autoroute 40 will realize that the highway suddenly leads to down town Trois-Rivieres in a large useless 15 km waste of time detour. This was done to bring people to spend money in Trois-Rivieres. Ironically, nobody goes because there are no free parking spaces and there is nothing good to do there anyways!
Trois-Rivieres sucks, but the houses are cheap! Maybe I can live there!

Are you crazy? Getting laid in Trois-Rivieres is nearly impossible! Even if you make 100 000$ a year and drive around in a luxury car, you'll still not be having sex! And anyways, the girls are on the low end of the Canadian average! That's what girls get for being raised on poutine, they look like garbage.
by Fargo123 February 19, 2012
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Trois-Rivieres is currently the suicide capital of Canada. It has been ranked the town with the worst quality of life in the province of Quebec. Founded in 1634 it is located half way between Montreal and Quebec. People in this town think they are so great. It is “mandatory” to own a car because it's basically all asphalt, parking lots and great distances. When going down town all you will get the "privilege to meet" are idiotic morons who have drank fluorinated water their wholes lives thus having lowered IQs. In this sad uneducated town, a night out will yield the following elements, guarantied every time: a bunch of broke idiots will be parading down Boulevard Des Forges over and over about 5 times in their dropped Civic with their music so loud while every time the same song is playing at the same time period. Trois-Rivieres sucks, all they do is drugs, study, have sex, eat demineralised junk food loaded with msg and artificial preservatives and drive around town, or, spend their fucking nights on Facebook. Trois-Rivieres is the ugliest place I have ever seen. The other day I saw 2 guys peeing on an elderly lady from their balconies. God this place sucks, and everyone says it.
Yves Lévesque: In Trois-Rivières there are many fucking idiots wearing skateboard branded tuques during summer time and fucking ugly people walking around with rickets, down syndrome, hypotonia, bad breath and it is common to hear stories about people shitting blood on the floor of stores. Fuck Trois-Rivieres.

Andre Gabias: Yes, we should have let Trois-Rivieres burn during the great fire.
by Trois-Rivieres sucks! April 25, 2009
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