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Tristten is a weirdo and very goofy dude. He acts like an outrageous yet has a vast amount of knowledge. He's adorable and sweet. He is the best man you could ever find. Tristtens are tall with deep brown eyes and the cutest half smile that makes you fall in love.

He is the best to party with because he's always getting pumped and he can keep going for days.

Tristtens are also god like and are very blessed with what is in their pants and performance in bed.

Tristtens know with in the first 5 minutes of meeting you whether they will have you as a friend for life.

When it comes to romantic relationships they look for a bro not just a partner.
Man you have a huge tristten in your pants

Your have the smile of a tristten

Come on and party like a tristten
by Alcoholic kitten August 18, 2017
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