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A Trifling Hypocrite is a particularly loathsome individual who is adept at using other's weaknesses against them in a way that makes the person appear to be a saint of some sort. In reality, these individuals are self righteous, slanderous, liars whose loathsome vices and sexual perversions are worse than anyone they've got the audacity to judge has ever done.For example, A Trifling Hypocrite will tell you that they've been celibate for fifteen years right after having a threesome with your boyfriend and the pastor of her Church. Or they might buy some drugs off of their neighbors,and then immediately call we tip on them and get them busted as they get high and watch the cops take them to jail from their window and laugh. Trifling Hypocrites have dogshit for a soul. Three or more in a group is called a Stench. They frequent Churches, AA meetings , back alleys, and glory holes . Dying is the only decent thing these bastards ever do for their fellow man. Trifling Hypocrite Funerals are some of the happiest occasions on the face of the Earth. Mainly because after containing the odious corpses in an old septic tank,NASA shoots them into the center of the Sun. It is the only thing hot enough to ensure against an accidental reincarnation occurring, as it incinerates the bitches completely,soul and all,as it should.
The roar of Joy could be heard above the rocket boosters as NASA launched a Trifling Hypocrite to her final resting place in the center of the Sun.
by Triflegirl January 18, 2018
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