name given to god of comedy.
-proceeds with lack of handsomeness
by miguel lopez May 1, 2004
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James is a shit cunt durry muncher he likes men and likes to wank off cats. James is a spoiled rich cunt that likes to ride motorbikes to get chicks he likes to have sex in old abandoned house
Defined :Why is he fucking that cat ahh!!! He might be a James trickey
by James Trickey February 15, 2018
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Jonathan is a type of guy that looks out for his friends. He is caring, funny, sweet. He likes to go out with girls that have a sense of humour, but are not crazy and loud. He likes girls that start with A. Jonathan is sexy and handsome.
by Naroia Slovakdeis March 27, 2017
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Internet poker slang used throughout the uk online poker scene.
Then you forget to select auro rebuy before going all in and immediately loosing.
He recovered from a Trickey by G banging the Welsh
by Hoopanamic November 21, 2020
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