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Trick Fool -
1.Verb phrase

To trick someone or something on an idea about something they want or need.


What the act of being tricked can be called.
Example one:

Rob: Hey do you want some of these chips?

Tylaw: Hell yeah I do, wait fuck, this bag is empty, you got me

Rob:haha, I Trick fooled you.

Example two:

Jeff: ::Calls Tylaw from the water park:: Hey Tylaw, do you want to come with Rob and I to the water park?

Tylaw: Why yes, a matter of fact, I would enjoy going to a water park in this unbarable heat.

Jeff: Well we're already here. ::Hangs up::

Tylaw: ::Says to self outloud:: Fuck!, another trick fool!

by Rob and Jeff July 22, 2006
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