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In automobile commuting, a far right lane or far left lane on a road that unexpectedly sends a driver into a direction away from his or her intended route. A driver is 'trapped' once he or she is unable to or fails to quickly make a lane change to re-enter the correct lane, thus continuing along the intended path and saving valuable time.

Trap lanes are often responsible for sudden and unexpected lane changes that result in traffic accidents.
You can't drive through metro Atlanta without winding up in one of those damn trap lanes. I had to turn around in a shopping center parking lot when this lane suddenly took me off of Beaver Ruin Road. Then, I had to sit in a traffic light for 5 more minutes to get out of the shopping center and back on the road. All in all, that trap lane cost me about 10 minutes.
by Topher Ryan August 27, 2012
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