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The every day anxiety transgender people often experience related to passing, dysphoria, being misgendered, being outed, being accepted, being subjected to transphobia, abuse or discrimination, or any other form of tranxiety.
"Hey, I need to use the bathroom, but I have too much tranxiety, can you come with me?"
"Omg I just got asked out! But I think I have too much tranxiety to start dating again yet."
"Hey, can we just hang at my place today? My tranxiety is too bad to leave the house at the moment."
"About to start a new job, so much tranxiety rn!"
"I was checking to see if tranxiety was already in urban dictionary and accidentally read a transphobic definition spelt 'transiety'. It gave me a lot of tranxiety."
by Samantha agapanthus August 06, 2018
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