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1. n. Letter sorting machine circa 1929

2. n. (archaic) the active aestheticism, miracles.

3. -tion, n. bistellar triangulations

4. -d v. airport check-in especially through metal detecting machine.

5. transorma man - Comfort toys.

6. -ification v. process of peacful human migration.

7. transormaman - advanced biped mammal
dialectical consequence of 6 (evolution)
The diggers engage in transormification, looking for the best place to party.
Good willing ravers may be transormed in safety as they are unarmed and pose no danger.
In the party, full moon they reach their hands to the stars, and ingage in transorma- allegory inducing, art and love.

One day they will further engage in the next step of transormification and reach for the star, using what they have learned, what they have always knew,
use transormation to navigate through vast empty space.

and become beutiful gentle transormaman
by 440hz - SignalCamp August 05, 2004
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