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(n.)a world of mysterious nature and such, where if you open one door in this 'trailertopia' land, it could bring you to an entire new dimension.

por ejempolo: narnia, or saudia arabia.

1. thee best fucking place ever.
2. located on an indian burial ground hence it's cursed occurences.
3. home of a mangy old bitch named martha.
4. old men crawl out of ovens when under the influence.
5. the laws of physics do not apply there.


Sorry, can't donate any money to your charity sport. I gotta have heat this winter in Trailertopia.

Tyrone: You live in a trailer park?
Pocahantas: Bitch, wrong answer! I live in Trailertopia.
Tyrone: Woah, i never even...
Pocahantas: Yeah, that's right, BOW DOWN.
by vhat?! March 03, 2009
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