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Mega hottie that looks and seems to be high class and out of your league. But when you get the guts to talk to her and come to find out it seems she was raised in a trailer park by Carnies. As soon as u no this grab a few tall ones of steel reserve, pack of Winston's and a bag of Meth !!! Get ready because her and her mom will be blowing you all night long. But a Tip for the Tip...make sure they take there false teeth out first. It will blow your mine!!!!
She may look hight class but she really is a trailer park queen.
by UpDog July 04, 2014
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/ˈtrālər park kwēn/

1. A prestigious and elegant female ruler of the trailer park, typically with the body of a goddess, the voice of a siren and a temper that would make a grizzly bear seem like a pussy cat. She rules her kingdom with an iron fist, an attitude that says DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! and smokin' hot looks.

2. Another great song not brought to you by the worlds greatest unformed band "TrasheD".
"Did you see Johnny's new girl friend? She is a total trailer park queen!"
by ThPharms February 24, 2015
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The classiest and prettiest woman in the trailer park. All of the other women try to copy her style or are jealous of her. She is like a queen of the trailer park kingdom loved by almost every one. Helps others and is kind and loves living in the trailer park
by Tpqueen001 January 17, 2015
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