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A programmer who insists upon writing user-hostile code, simply because it's easier to do and doesn't want to admit their own lazyness and contempt for end users.

Most (but not all) Linux programmers are Trabant Builders.

Background: Communist East Germany produced a car called the Trabant. By some accounts it was an engineering marvel, as it could be built and taken apart using only 3 or 5 spanners. However, it was a rather pathetic car and nobody in their right mind drove one by choice.
D00d1: I wanted to make an AMV using Kino, but it turns out it's only compatible with one single codec. When I asked why he did that, he said it was easier to program and should change it myself if I'm not happy.
D00d2: Whoa! What a Trabant Builder!
by Korgmeister March 21, 2005
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