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The common name for famous dubstep/ trap artist Tonyrox52. He is famous on Youtube, with his hit single wawawawa and the sequel, wawawawa 2.0. He also produced the intro song to Inception, starring Leonardo Di Caprio. If you don't already know about his mad drops and sick beats, you have probably been living under a rock for the last 16 years during his dubstep empire.
Raver 1: Dude did you hear Tr52's latest song, "The Clash?"
Raver 2: No
Raver 1: Then why the fuck are you here?

Tr52 Fan: Dude stop listening to Skrillex, he sucks dick, go listen to Tr52, his new hit song Shelter Remix is coming out soon.
Skrillex Fan: YO SKRILL DROP IT HARD!!!!
Tr52 Fan: *Types Tr52 into youtube search bar*
by Tonyrox52 Fanboy November 23, 2013
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