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This is associated with the projection of kindness or charm that gets twisted into something more unsavory. A glimmer of false hope shattering. People using Toxic Grace usually speak with a forked tongue, telling you one thing while doing something quite different than they had said. Once people have experienced Toxic Grace they are left confused, wondering how they were deceived so categorically.
He told me the promotion was mine which was just more toxic grace, I was never in the running.

That's the same toxic grace she tried telling me until I provided evidence for proof that I was there.
by LoganQ May 31, 2018
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The idea of someone who appears to be peaceful and nice, but deep down is filled with hazardous material and subtle toxicity.
She appeared to have all her stuff together, but her boyfriend was a convicted pedophile and she lived at home with her parents. The more I got to know her, the more I realized she was full of Toxic Grace.
by Shorty Montopolis June 01, 2018
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