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The phrase means, "lets fight". It is calling a person out for a physical confrontation.

This phrase was not originated, coined, or started by Vybz Kartel. Vybz Kartel remade Bingie General's song "Touch A Button Nuh". General Bingie took the beat for "Touch A Button Nuh" from Sugar Ray's song "Bubblin' Pot"

The phrase may have deeper roots than that.
Why you looking at me crossed? You vexing me. Touch a button now.
by Unit 36 May 16, 2013
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A phrase originating from Jamaican artist, Vybz Cartel. An insult, really, touch a button insinuates that you can't do anything about your current situation, and are in a position of weakness. Synonymous with get mad, and do something, touch a button is kinda like a threat, daring you to do something. Used by Trinis and people all over the Caribbean.
1) Eyy! You take my five hundred dollars I was saving up boy! What happen to you?!
What you gonna do? Touch a buton, nah!

2)Why you hit me for? You wah see I damage yuh face or something?!
You play mad! Touch a button nah, see what will happen
by Convent.Love August 01, 2011
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