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A Torryh is an amazingly awesome best friend u can have! Always there when u need them, through good times and bad. A bad ass bitch who don't take shit from no one and will knock a bitch out if need be. Once u get past their shield and they begin to let loose, u will have so much fun with a Torryh. Torryh's are very outgoing and can make friends anywhere they go. Torryh's go to the edge of the world and back for the people they love. And the love they show won't ever having u second guessing. And if u do ur a stupid bitch! Torryh's are hard to come by and are hard ass bitches but have hearts of gold and can get sensitive at times. Find urself a Torryh and u won't ever regret it!!
Why have just a regular friend when you can have a one in a million Torryh?
by Niklovesya! March 20, 2017
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