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A school on the west coast of San Diego CA known for it's insane hot, bitchy girls, excess amounts of money, parking lot filled with every new BMW or Mercedes ever created, used to have an epic football team that completely failed this year due to drug addiction cuz everyone is wayy to bored and has too much extra cash for their own good.
I fucked a torrey pines high school girl in her loaded beamer this weekend.. hell yeahhhhhh
by Seniors '08 May 09, 2008
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A high school in San Diego known for fugly guys, ugly whores with mini skirts that show the bottom of their ass crack, who wear Juicy Couture when they dont know what the fuck couture even means. Douchbag guys who believe they are cool when in reality they couldnt even get an asian nerd to date their ass.

Also a place to find some cheap weed in desperate times.

Since its in the suburbans, they think everyone is rich so the cafeteria sells a motherfucking slice of shitty pizza that is a week old for $3 and $4 smoothies that literally taste worse than rotten elderly ass.
Guy 1: Man you goin to torrey pines high school next year as a freshman?
Guy 2: Yeah dude is that a bad idea?
Guy 1: Go to urbandictionary and look up torrey pines then tell me if you want to go there.
by Krizzly420 May 16, 2011
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