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Topnyong could define Chio Seung Hyun and Kwon Ji Yong, a member of korean group Bigbang. so korean bigbang fans call they're Topnyong! korean bigbang fans think that just they are the most fantasitc gay couple in the universe. because they've brillant appearance visual. also, they are known as the godfather of gay couple. so korean bigbang fans are defined as they are so sexy, hot, beautiful, brilliant, real gay couple.
Girl A : oh! If it were not for topnyong, i can't live. they are my hope, love, and shine, and god!
Girl B : Get real! Topnyong is not real couple! they're just imaginary couple!
Girl A : shut up. They're REAL!
by μ—¬μ‹  February 26, 2010
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