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This is among one of the sex acts not in the kamasutra. It's when you are engaging in intercourse with your partner, doggy style, and you're on the verge of finishing. You would then pull out, and finish, but about a foot away from his/her rectum, and aim for their anus. Thus, completing the "tooter shooter."
Ryan - "Aw I'm gonna finish!"
Debbie - "Pull out! Pull out!"
Ryan - "Time for the tooter shooter!"
by Sackster5569 August 07, 2016
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After having intercourse with a girl, doggy-style, you get that familiar feeling when you're about to finish. Then, you pull out, and aim your load for her anus. Thus, the tooter shooter is cum-plete.
Michael: I'm gonna finish!
Sharkeisha: Pull out!
Michael: Here comes the tooter shooter!
by Sackster5569 July 15, 2016
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An alternate name for Tatter Tots, the small delicious nuggets made from potatoes
Mmmmm I love me some Tooter Shooters
by Tootershooter July 14, 2016
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